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Teacher-iconFriends of Herne Bay Clock Tower Offer lesson plans key stage 1, 2 and 3 that can be downloaded free below.

Amelix were commissioned by us to write these schemes of work that meet the educational requirement with regard to local history.

The book “Tales from the Clock Tower” was written by Faye Beerling a local author and publisher.

Each copy of “Tales from the Clock Tower” sold through your school to parents, the school earns 50p per book, and parents only pay £5.00 per book, not the £5.99 RRP.
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Tales From The Clocktower


Tales from the Clock Tower brings Herne Bay’s rich history to life. All who read it will be charmed by its lovable seaside characters, entertaining storytelling and wonderful illustrations.  It’s both fun and educational, which makes it the perfect learning resource!

Claire Rayner
Primary School teacher

I  really like the book, i loved the rhymes and the story all about the clock tower, I thought it was really funny when grandpa and sonny got fat on chips.

Thank you..

Young Herne Bay reader, Danielle aged 7

A delightful book, its story intertwined with genuine historical fact and beautiful characterisations. This book is the ideal vehicle to introduce children to the oldest freestanding Clock Tower in the world, situated on the historic sea front at Herne Bay, as well as the lovable Characters of Sunny, Granddad and Nippy the Crab. The fact that it is commissioned by the Friends of the Clock Tower, and written by an author who lives within sight of the Tower, adds a wonderful aspect to the story.

Russ Sauntry (Educationalist)