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Now you have read the book can you answer the following questions

  • What does Sunny chew on that makes him feel quite sick..?
  • What does Grandad wear around his neck..?
  • Where does Sunny and Grandad live..?
  • Who is Nippy..?
  • How many faces does the clock on the tower have..?
  • What does Grandad pull out through a hole in the rubbish sack..?
  • What other famous building is also mentioned in the story..?

Spot the author

The illustrator thought it would be good fun to draw the author into the ilustrations. See if you can spot her. Here’s a clue, she has long brown hair with a fringe. Happy searching..!

Can any of you guess who the person is to her left in the illustration?

Fun Facts

Did you know that the author met the illustrator quite by chance. Faye (author) went to a knit & natter group in Herne Bay to ask if any of the ladies could knit a set of characters for her first book, Nautical Chaos and it was there that she was introduced to Gareth’s illustrations by his Mum. Faye was so impressed by his drawings that as soon as it was possible they met up and after seeing more of Gareth’s drawings Faye and Gareth then decided to work together on Tales From The Clock Tower.

In all of Faye’s books you will notice that her characters enjoy tea and cake. This is because Faye loves a cup of Earl Grey tea with a slice of cake, especially when she is writing her stories and stops for a break. She say’s it gives her inspiration.

Faye and Gareth only met once during the production of Tales From The Clock Tower to discuss the illustrations. Everything was done by sending emails to each other.

What are the  missing words

            Reculver      _ _ _ _ _ _


            Nippy the      _ _ _ _


            The Clock      _ _ _ _ _


            Sunny the     _ _ _ _ _ _ _


            Herne      _ _ _


            Mrs      _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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