Restoration Completed

Contractor pic 2The Friends of Herne Bay Clock Tower thank you all for attending the Clock Tower celebration on Valentines night and from the comments we have had so far we hit the right note as you all enjoyed it.

The fireworks were spectacular but the star of the show is the Clock Tower. Now restored, we can be proud it remains an icon of the Town and with its new illumination an even greater attraction opening a new chapter in its history.

Not only can Herne Bay claim “the first freestanding Clock Tower in the world, it is now the first freestanding “Tidal Clock Tower in the world”.

Friends and volunteers are vitally important to all community projects and we are no different. We are independent from Canterbury City Council and now that the Clock Tower has been refurbished it is down to the Friends to make the best use of the Clock Tower and plaza for the community and visitors.

The friends Mission is to Preserve, Protect and Promote our Clock Tower. We are Community Project and the more friends we have the more we can do. It cost nothing and we hope some of you will want to join in the fun and get involved. So please visit become a friend here.

Yours sincerely

Julian Jennings
Chairman Friends of Herne Bay Clock Tower

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