Celebrating 180 years!


At midday on 3 October 1836, 180 years ago the foundation stone was laid by Ann Thwaytes to start the build of this magnificent new piece of architecture, the Clock Tower. A year later the clock tower was officially opened at twelve o’clock on Mrs Thwaytes’ 48th birthday, 2 October 1837.

To celebrate this auspicious occasion, The Friends of Herne Bay Clock Tower had a small gathering, eating high tea, regaling in stories from the past and listening to entertainment fit for gentle folk.

The Lord Mayor of Canterbury attended the party with his lovely wife, the Lady Mayoress. Councillor Andrew Cook was also there to celebrate the occasion with his wife.

Three years has passed since The Friends of Herne Bay Clock Tower received funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Since then there have been many free community events fit for a king!

Handing out Easter eggs, getting a gift from Father Christmas or receiving a goody bag for the best cake in the competition, Herne Bay has been extremely gracious and joyous at these events.

Happy birthday Mrs Ann Twaytes!

Click here to have a look at the photos from the party.